What is this Charge?



  • I have a charge from InfoSnap on my bank or credit card statement from InfoSnap and don’t know what it is for.


  • Do you have a charge on your bank or credit card statement for InfoSnap?
  • Are you unsure of what the charge is for?

Fix It

  • InfoSnap provides online registration and application services for PreK-12 schools. If you recently completed an online registration or application and paid fees as part of that online process, you will see "InfoSnap" listed on your statement.
  • It’s possible that a family member made use of InfoSnap and made a payment for school services without your knowledge.  You might check with your student or other family members to see if they paid for school services online.

Still Not Working?

We can help confirm payments made through an online submission.  If the source of this payment is still unknown, or you believe the charge has been made in error, please reach us via the online ticket system, chat (bottom corner of web browser), or by phone (reach us toll free at 866.752.6850 - Hours: M-F 8am-5pm CST with extended hours in July and August until 7pm CST).


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