Register Another Child



  • I have finished a form for one of my children, but now need to complete the same form for another child.


  • Have you already completed one InfoSnap form?
  • Do you need to complete an InfoSnap form for another child?

Fix it

  • There are multiple ways you can access forms to register another child. Here are some common tips and tricks to help you begin the registration process for another student.  
    • Often, there is a link on the Submission Confirmation page of your form that you can click to complete the same form for a different student.
    • If you are logged in to your InfoSnap account, there is often a link that you can click to start a new form. 
  • If you are completing a form and you have received a snapcode, you will need a separate snapcode (and snapcode link, if applicable) for each child you are registering.
  • Sometimes schools have different processes for how new students register and for how returning students register. Refer back to the communication (email and/or letter) you received from the school to determine how they would like you to register.

Still Not Working

If you are still experiencing trouble registering another child:

  • If you’re getting an error message when trying to register another child, please review our Clear Browser History, Cache, and Cookies article.
  • If you’re being asked to “snap over” information and want to know more about that, please review our Snapping article.
  • If you’ve referred back to the communication you received from the school, and have tried clearing your cache and cookies, please reach us via the online ticket system, chat (bottom corner of web browser), or by phone (reach us toll free at 866.752.6850 - Hours: M-F 8am-5pm CST with extended hours in July and August until 7pm CST).
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