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  • My school told me to complete my form in PowerSchool, but I don’t know where to find it.


  • Are you logged in to PowerSchool?
  • Are you trying to access a form through PowerSchool?
  • Are you having trouble finding a form in PowerSchool?
  • Do you have a PowerSchool Parent Portal account?

Fix It

If you are trying to find a form in PowerSchool:

  1. Log in to PowerSchool
    • If you  need your Access ID or Access password, please contact the school directly.
  2. Select the correct student from the top left of the screen.
  3. Once you have the correct student selected back on the main screen of your Parent Portal account, you will access your form in one of two ways:

Option 1:

    • On the right inside the dark blue banner is an icon of arrow pointing up or a plug.
    • Click the Icon
    • After clicking the icon you will see “InfoSnap”
    • Begin your form.

Option 2:

  • In the left hand navigation bar click the “InfoSnap” link.
  • Begin your form

Still Not Working?

  • If getting an error:
    • there may be an issue with your PowerSchool ID, please contact your school directly for assistance with your PowerSchool ID
    • the form might not yet be available for your student, please contact your school directly to find out when the form will be available
    • the form may have been started under another account, please contact the school directly to cancel an in-progress form
  • Additional support: Reach us via the online ticket system or by phone at 866.752.6850.
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