Lost or Don’t Have a “Snapcode”



  • The online form I am trying to start is asking for a snapcode and I don’t have a snapcode.
  • The online form I am trying to start is asking for a snapcode and I lost my snapcode.


  • Are you trying to start a form that is asking for a snapcode?
  • Have you misplaced the snapcode that was sent to you by your school?

Fix It

  • A snapcode is a 15 digit code in the following format:  5 letters 5 numbers 5 letters.
  • Each student will receive a unique snapcode for each form you need to complete.
  • When it is time for you to complete your online form, your school will send you a letter or an email.
  • This letter or email contains your student’s snapcode. Additionally, the email will often include a hyperlink to access the online form.
  • If you cannot find this email, letter or have not received notification from your school, please contact your school district directly to request your snapcode. 

Note: Snapcodes are generated and sent directly by the school district. For security reasons, you will need to contact the school directly for the student’s snapcode.

Still Not Working?

  • Ensure you are accessing the correct form for the correct year and the correct student.
  • If you have lost of misplaced your snapcode, please contact the school directly.
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